Runners of Athens

Death of a mage

Episode 2

The runners awoke to a news report of a particularly gruesome death at the home of Stormageddon. The mage was violently torn apart by razor-thin wires. Talking with officer Chekov, Enius discovered that Stormageddon’s death was due to a garrote grenade, a particularly nasty and rare piece of explosive weaponry. Realizing they would need a replacement mage if they were to continue working for Bioware Exotics, the runners began searching Athens for a replacement.

The runners discover a trumpet-playing-mage busker by the name of Octave. After an initial test of skills, Octave agreed to work with the group. The runners headed to Kayser’s barbeque restaurant to have a celebratory meal. Upon reaching Kayser’s the runners were greeted by Booth and Voxel. Bioware Exotics would appreciate it if the runners would look into the death of their mage. The use of a garrote grenade limited the amount of suppliers in the region to Renraku computer systems. Renraku owned a building up by Lancaster street. The runners decide to infiltrate the building to obtain shipping records that could lead them to the killer of Stormageddon.

Millenium Baby and Octave caused a distraction outside the building. Sark and Enius posed as replacement guards to further enhance the distraction downstairs, buying Thane and the cyberspider time to access Renraku’s records.

Barring a particularly strange (and smelly) distraction downstairs, the runners successfully pulled off the mission. Shipping data indicated that the garrote grenade was sold to an S. Montegew. In the process of looking up this data the runners also came across shipping data for a package carrying undisclosed contents that was shipped to a person known only as K. This package was shipped the day before the Shade Winery heist.

Further research into S. Montegew revealed him to be a dwarf engineering student at OU. The runners attempted to surveil Montegew and case his apartment, but were woefully underprepared. The student was remarkably adept at noticing his surveillance and proved more than competent in hand-to-hand situations. The runners had to resort to kidnapping Montegew at gunpoint in order to figure out what he knew.

The runners took Montegew back to Thane’s apartment where Sark and Millenium Baby interrogated him. Meanwhile Thane accessed Montegew’s apartment to see what he could find.

Data from the apartment indicated that Montegew was a Luddite, who actively hated cyberware. Negotiation results revealed S.(Sean) Montegew to be an alias. This guy was not student, he was a runner. He was also remarkably resilient to intimidation and negotiation tactics; preferring to reveal information only when he felt like it. Nonetheless, after some careful (or not) prodding “Montegew” revealed that he did purchase the garrote grenade, but he did not kill Stormageddon. He was only repaying a favour for an individual named Kerrigan.

The runners continued to prod “Montegew” for answers on Kerrigan. Where this person was, and how to initiate contact. “Montegew” responded back with: “Kerrigan already found you.”

In a fit of dementia, Millenium Baby pulled his gun out to end “Montegew’s” life. Enius rushed in to disarm Millenium Baby, sending the bullet into the floor of Thane’s home. Deciding that he had had enough with these insane strangers, “Montegew” leaned back in his restraints, closed his eyes and teleported away. The runners were left only with an empty chair, and the knowledge that Kerrigan may know who they are.



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