Runners of Athens

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Episode 3

Octave/Gambit examined the coin left behind by Krillin after he teleported. The coin turned out to be a homing beacon. Sark and Gambit followed the beacon back to its location, a spot on court street near the Vintage finds shop and Pita Pit. Meanwhile Thane, Millennium Baby, and Enius set up a meet with Booth to discuss what they had learned.

Booth informed them that Bioware Exotics had been looking into Kerrigan’s whereabouts but they currently only had information on four runners in league with Kerrigan and financed by Lone Star. They were holed up at a welding warehouse down East State. Booth tasked the runners with killing this opposing team.

The runners staked out the warehouse in an attempt to gather as much intel as possible on this team. Upon locating the team and acquiring intel on the warehouse, an elaborate plan was put in place. The runners would wait for this opposing team to head out on their next mission. There, they would ambush and eliminate them. Extra nuyen was offered for any information that could be gathered on this team before complete elimination, so one member would be kept alive long enough to provide useful intel.

With the plan in motion the runners set up watch across the street on a ten story building overlooking the warehouse. Around 3AM a human came out of the warehouse to take a smoke break. Millennium Baby, being old and therefore not able to sleep through the night, decided to head down to the warehouse with his segway and talk to the human. From afar Thane and Gambit watched the scenario unfold. Millennium Baby initiated small talk with the human named Booby. Baby told Booby that he knew of his actual motives. Millennium Baby counter offered Booby, saying that if he gave up his team that he would be richly rewarded. Booby’s response was to open the door to the warehouse and reveal his three compatriots with their guns all trained on Millennium Baby.

Jumping into action Thane shot Booby in the head with his bow and arrow, killing Booby instantly. Gambit cast a spell that caused heightened fear among the other members of the opposing team. Their response was to shoot randomly at their assailants. Millennium Baby took cover behind the ram plate of his segway. Sark and Enius woke up in time to see this unfold and attempted to help from across the street. Sark provided cover fire (as best he could) while Enius ran down the fire escape to get to ground level. The dwarf mage from the opposing team, fearing these intruders, cast a stun ball towards the building across the street. The ball contacted with Thane and Sark, knocking them both out. Prior to hitting the ground Thane let off one more arrow, killing the dwarf mage. With just an orc and an elf left Gambit summoned a huge spirit cat. The cat killed the orc. The elf was forced to give up.

During the commotion Enius called on Voxel to pick them up in a semi truck that she stole earlier for the original plan. With police sirens off in the distance Enius ran back up the ten story building to grab the stunned Thane and Sark. He threw them in the back of the semi truck along with the bodies of the dead opposing team. Millennium Baby got behind the wheel of the semi truck and the team headed out. Their escape did not go unnoticed as the team found themselves chased by a few Athens PD cop cars. Gambit cast chaotic world to disable the cars, taking out two of the three. The last car continued pursuit. Just outside of Nelsonville Gambit—who had been riding on top of the tractor trailer—attempted to hand their elven hostage over to Enius who was waiting to grab her. Instead the elf broke free and jumped out of the truck, tumbling down the road. Millennium Baby threw on the brakes, stopping the truck on the highway. The two cops hopped out of their car and demanded the team freeze. Millennium Baby responded by backing the truck over the cop car, demolishing it. Enius meanwhile hopped out of the truck to take out one of the cops. Sark and Thane awoke to all the commotion. Sark took out one of the cops with his Beretta, while Thane hopped out of the trailer to engage the second cop. The second cop turned out to be extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat, easily dodging Enius’s fists and Millennium Baby’s bullet. It took the combined effort of Thane’s arrow and knife as well as Enius’s fists to finally take the cop down.

More cops were on their way. The team split up with Gambit entering the woods to search for their escaped hostage while the rest of the team diverted the cops away and into the back roads of Nelsonville. Gambit caught up to the spot where the Elf had fallen but so no sign of her. Meanwhile the rest of the runners had finally shaken off the last of the cops in the backwoods of Nelsonville. With the heat off for awhile the runners looked over the bodies of the opposing team in search of any useful information. Voxel stopped by with her hovercraft to collect the bodies. During their search the runners discovered an explosive device placed inside the dwarf mage. The bomb went off, damaging the trailer and sending pieces of dwarf all over the inside, coating Millennium Baby in dwarven goo from head to toe.

Their job in Nelsonville finished the runners went back into town. Sark contacted Gambit about the elf’s location. Using his spirit cat Gambit was able to track her back to the same spot on Court Street that Krillin’s coin had lead them to earlier that day.



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