Athens District Descriptions

Mage District

This district surrounds the OU Magic College but is mostly to the west of it. Mages and adepts get first priority on rental agreements. Crime still occurs, but is fairly low in this district compared to the others.

Donkey District

This district encompasses all of Court Street , two blocks outward on either side. There are five Donkey Coffee’s in this district. The original is the smallest but the nicest. Donkey funds its own security personnel, who casually patrol the streets in fairly small numbers. It’s a pretty swank place to live.

Richland (District)

This district is across the bridge from the campus. Everything about it is fairly seedy. This is Tunnel Snake territory. It’s a pretty crappy place to live.

East State (District)

This district encompasses old East State Street as well as the newer additions to town across the Hocking and the expansions upriver. This is T-Bird territory. It’s a decent place to live.

Hill District

This district is the mainly residential area that Lancaster and Columbus road lead into and through. It’s a decent place to live.

OU Main Campus

Campus looks similar to what it has in the past, though nearly all the buildings are much taller than before. College Green’s plant life has been preserved. The old trees still stand.

Athens District Descriptions

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